Loneliness and aloneness, relationships, and strength

Like so many who have read New York Times #1 Bestseller, Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, I devoured the 368 pages of the novel within a few sittings, it really is just that good.

I was inspired to read it through an article by Violet Daniels, and by reading our different discourses on the novel, you can really see how everyone places similar or different levels of importance on the ideas laid out, based on personal background and experience.

If you haven’t yet read the novel and might want to, I would advise caution before reading any further…

And a solid “no” to things that don’t

“We are defined by the things we reject. And if we reject nothing we essentially have no identity at all.” — Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Saying “no” is something many of us struggle with, myself included. It’s so hard not to feel like we’ll miss out if we say no to social invitations or any opportunity offered to us. This common conundrum is of course widely known as FOMO, the “Fear of Missing Out”.

The Body Positivity era has helped a lot, but it was harder when it felt like you had to be skinny to be worth something.

When I was training for my first half marathon, I ran four to five times a week to build my fitness. I was sixteen, just, and thought I had a clue about health and fitness. I was wrong. I was sixteen. No.

How It Started

I was inspired by hugely successful marathon runners from Kenya, like David Rudisha and Mary Keitany. I watched running documentaries and read the odd blog post by successful runners here and there to inform my training plan. …

Like reading, the concepts in astrology can open you up to other ways people might experience life

The concepts of ‘astrology’ and ‘astronomy’ used to be synonymous in antiquity. Nowadays they are definitely recognised as separate entities, though with one given more credibility than the other as one can be tested by science.

Though astrology is more abstract, does that mean we should completely sweep it under the rug and wave it away as a cute figment of the ancient imagination?

I have put together four ways even a basic understanding of astrology can be useful for understanding other people and your relationships better.

Presents Many Personality Archetypes That You May Never Have Come Across Before

Before I started looking into astrology, I thought my idea of different personalities…

Value what’s on your mind

I really have no idea what to write today.

Inspired by Sergey Faldin’s recent article about continuing to voice your thoughts whether or not you or anyone else thinks they’re good, I have decided to try experimenting with putting my actual thoughts into words, without the need for too much structuring, or a clearly defined purpose in mind.

I think that this practice would help get creativity flowing better, and also help you better understand how and why you think like you do.

Learning to “Go with the flow”

This morning, I woke up early, as the light of dawn was streaming through my bedroom window…

What to remember when you get Imposter Syndrome about your writing

Whether you like to write, paint, dance, or make mundane daily decisions like whether to have avocado and marmite on toast or just avocado on toast, everyone is creative. It is the nature of being human. Maybe you haven’t ever really thought of yourself as a phenomenal creator of life, but hear me out before you give a wave of dismissal. I can guarantee that even you fit the description in some way too.

Look around you, maybe you’re at home and you can move your eyes over the objects in the room. You might see a table and chairs…

To my 13-year-old self

Hey Soph, things are hard right now, I know. Papa doesn’t get out of bed some mornings now and you can’t understand why. When you open the bedroom door to say bye before you go to school you get annoyed when he doesn’t answer. You think he’s being lazy. He’s not. He’s really sick, Soph, more than you know, more than anyone has told you and your brother.

I’m going to warn you about what happens next because I never got a warning when I experienced it, and darling, it changes everything from this point on. I’m going to tell…

As humans we have evolved to follow the tribe, and rejection hurts

It has taken me my life whole so far to be comfortable with the fact that I’m quite a sensitive person. As someone who always has a lot of questions, being afraid of putting myself out there because of what others might think stopped me from opening my mouth most of the time.

We Don’t Like Looking Silly but It’s Our Mistakes Which Make Us Human

I lacked confidence in what I had to say because I didn’t want to look silly if I was wrong. I used to think my feelings were a weakness and I would go to great lengths to keep them under wraps. I could have been very upset…

How I Built Routines — Part 3

You’ll be 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to succeed

Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success, and people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t.

— Mark Murphy, Senior Contributor on Forbes

Okay, so I wrote the last article in this little series of mine several months ago now, and yes, I am talking about how I built routines. …

Making the decision guided by your true happiness will lead to the best time for everyone

So there I was, staring at my laptop before I needed to go to sleep to get up at 4:30 am the next morning for training, asking myself if I wouldn’t be too tired tomorrow if I stayed up just a little longer. My 22nd birthday was coming up, and I decided to Google ideas for what I could do.

It was all the usual things you’d expect, of course. Bars, hiring a venue, going on a hike, going on a trip (not internationally right now of course because of Covid), and having a party etcetera.

For my 21st, we…

Sophie Founé

Everyone you meet is your teacher. Studying towards a BSc in Anthropology and Geography. I write about astrology, self-improvement, books, and societal issues.

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