They are also like little academic courses wrapped up neatly in a few hundred or so words — how good

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Hi! I’m Sophie, and I’ve been helping edit a bit for A Thousand Lives over the last few months. I’m taking over from Violet Daniels for this month’s newsletter. A big thank you to Violet for creating a delightful space for book lovers to share their thoughts on stories that have had an impact on them!

Personally, I relish in broadening my practical, worldly knowledge through reading non-fiction. …

And a solid no to things that don’t

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“We are defined by the things we reject. And if we reject nothing we essentially have no identity at all.” — Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Saying “no” is something many of us struggle with, myself included. It’s so hard not to feel like we’ll miss out if we say no to social invitations or any opportunity offered to us. This common conundrum is of course widely known as FOMO, the “Fear of Missing Out”.

The Body Positivity era has helped a lot, but it was harder when it felt like you had to be skinny to be worth something.

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When I was training for my first half marathon, I ran four to five times a week to build my fitness. I was sixteen, just, and thought I had a clue about health and fitness. I was wrong. I was sixteen. No.

How It Started

I was inspired by hugely successful marathon runners from Kenya, like David Rudisha and Mary Keitany. I watched running documentaries and read the odd blog post by successful runners here and there to inform my training plan. …

Value what’s on your mind

Find inspiration from your life right now — Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I really have no idea what to write today.

Inspired by Sergey Faldin’s recent article about continuing to voice your thoughts whether or not you or anyone else thinks they’re good, I have decided to try experimenting with putting my actual thoughts into words, without the need for too much structuring, or a clearly defined purpose in mind.

I think that this practice would help get creativity flowing better, and also help you better understand how and why you think like you do.

Learning to “Go with the flow”

This morning, I woke up early, as the light of dawn was streaming through my bedroom window…

7 timeless lessons from a woman who gutwrenchingly turned her life around for her better

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Very quickly, once I’d started reading Untamed, I knew it was going to be one of those books that I would definitely want to remember things from. So, at least once every few pages, I would unlock my phone and transcribe a phrase, sentence, or paragraph that had struck a chord within me as I basically absorbed the contents of this book.

Glennon Doyle has an exceptionally beautiful way of stringing words together that make the lessons she wants to share with her readers so easy to take in. She’s the kind of writer I dream of becoming one day.

One of the most commonly used tools in predictive astrology

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By now, many people connected to the online realm have discovered their ‘zodiac’ sign, the common name given for the Sun sign, and have possibly even delved into unravelling their birth chart which is basically a picture of the sky at the moment of your entry into the world.

Once you have a solid grasp of the archetypes of the 12 signs, planets (a word used to include the planets, luminaries, angles and objects in this case), the houses and how these make up the unique energy combination of you, the next step in learning astrology is understanding how transits…

A poem exploring strained relationships

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We’re so happy all together now
It’s like it’s always been like this
No shadow in sight of the literal years we didn’t so much as look at each other
Then we feel the missing of the connection once had and ask

Why we haven’t always been like this
Why we wasted all that time
Being bitter
Resenting each other

Being jealous and insecure about our own abilities to reach our own heights
Fulfil our own destinies
That getting too close to each other

Being vulnerable and opening up
Would mean that we would suddenly turn on each other
And ruin…

What to remember when you get Imposter Syndrome about your writing

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Whether you like to write, paint, dance, or make mundane daily decisions like whether to have avocado and marmite on toast or just avocado on toast, everyone is creative. It is the nature of being human. Maybe you haven’t ever really thought of yourself as a phenomenal creator of life, but hear me out before you give a wave of dismissal. I can guarantee that even you fit the description in some way too.

Look around you, maybe you’re at home and you can move your eyes over the objects in the room. You might see a table and chairs…

Sophie Founé

Everyone you meet is your teacher. Studying towards a BSc in Anthropology and Geography. I write about astrology, self-improvement, books, and societal issues.

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