You don’t need to feel threatened by the achievements of others, be proud of your own

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Tall Poppy Syndrome gets its name from the idea that poppies should grow together, and so if one is to grow taller than the others it should be cut down to size.

And how it may manifest between the houses of your birth chart

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Value what’s on your mind

Find inspiration from your life right now — Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Learning to “Go with the flow”

Paulo Coelho invites us to be brave and walk the path of our highest excitement

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A Classic Example of ‘The Hero’s Journey’

The Hedgehog Concept — from Brené Brown’s podcast series Dare to Lead

Be like a hedgehog – Photo by George Kendall on Unsplash

But I discovered the roots of its heart are at home

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The relationship between feeling controlled and trust

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But you have to mobilise those thoughts to make shit happen

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Me too, but I can change that

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But now I can build routines that stick

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Sophie F.

Using writing to explore myself and society. I write about self improvement, society, astrology, books, and fitness.

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